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Happy Birthday Yokoyama Kimitaka!

Wanted to make it as flashy and flashy as possible~ ;D And you know I had to do something for his birthday, I mean it's me. XD Anyway, I've prepared a picspam~ The pics are not really in chronological order 'cause I was lazy didn't have the time to resize them so some of them are huge. And they're a lot so. You were warned. :D

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PICSPAM TIME~ It's still the 25th here (two hours 'til midnight though!) but it's already the 26th in Japan, so. Plus I probably won't have time tomorrow so here it is today! The pics aren't in any particular order, so they're all over the place. And of course there's a section for pics of him with other people (in which I am totally not biased, okay). Also I didn't resize any of the pics so most of them may be huuuge! Not dial-ip friendly, sorry. Anyway enjoy! (incidentally, just when i started writing this post, forward started playing XD) ALSO! [livejournal.com profile] hina_a_day! JOIN IT ♥

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YOKO PICSPAM COMING YOUR WAY, GUYS. Man, it took me so long to type up this post. D: And, you know, selecting and resizing the pics. I tried putting in order, like from the oldest to newest but it didn't really work, so everything is just put together in a big mess. But it's totally worth it in the end because Yoko totally deserves it! ♥ And now onto the picspam!

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